Safest wheels to your peace of mind

Road Haulier & Cross Border Transport Solutions

Road Haulier And Cross Border Transport Solutions

OML Africa Logistics provides first-class hauler services to our customers in Kenya and the greater East African region. At OML Africa Logistics we know that speed, accuracy and reliability are our customers’ top priority. We deliver on-time and deliver in full. To meet the ever-growing needs and expectations of our customers, the Company has owned and well maintained trucks with the capacity to handle projects of different sizes and scale. Our team is well trained to undertake Out-of-gauge, containerized and loose cargo projects to the satisfaction of our customers. We deploy a state-of-the-art and internationally recognized tracking technology enabling us and our customers to know where the load is at all times therefore being the safest wheels to your peace of mind. OML Africa Logistics is a full and active member of the Kenya Transporters Association.